Weather forecast
  • 24.02.2020morning
    Temperature9°C/48°FSunshine20%Freezing level2300
  • 24.02.2020afternoon
    Temperature14°C/57°FSunshine50%Freezing level3100
  • 25.02.2020Tuesday
    Temperature15°C/59°FSunshine70%Freezing level3100
  • 26.02.2020Wednesday
    Temperature0°C/32°FSunshine20%Freezing level900
  • Trend 
    TemperatureSunshineFreezing level

ForecastCarnival is approaching its climax and we can thus look forward to a couple of cheerful days. It would be nice, of course, if the weather made us cheer, too!
The morning will be cloudy with still a few showers continuing, but the sun will break through.

TrendOn Shrove Tuesday, the weather will calm down. Ash Wednesday will bring a deterioration and new snowfall.