Weather forecast
  • 21.08.2019morning
    Temperature13°C/55°FSunshine40%Freezing level3580
  • 21.08.2019afternoon
    Temperature20°C/68°FSunshine50%Freezing level3800
  • 22.08.2019Thursday
    Temperature22°C/72°FSunshine60%Freezing level4000
  • 23.08.2019Friday
    Temperature24°C/75°FSunshine60%Freezing level4300
  • Trend 
    TemperatureSunshineFreezing level

ForecastThe current area of low pressure will leave us today! The cloudy remnants will clear during the morning and we will get a few hours of bright and clear weather. Already by the afternoon, new clouds will arrive and will produce thunderstorms.

TrendOn Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday the ridge of high pressure will arrive here and will bring more sunshine and rising temperatures. Thunderstorms will be possible.